An ancient game that traces back to the Roman Empire, developing into its present form now played widely across Europe. Each player begins with 4 marked (wooden) balls, one player throws the smaller white ball known as the jack onto the lawn, both players then each take a turn in  throwing underarm their marked wooden ball in order to get the closest to the jack. The nearest wooden ball to the jack wins. 

10 Pin Bowling

Who will be the one to get a “strike”? Just like the indoor game of 10 Pin Bowling the Game On Bowling Ball is rolled  towards 10 pins down at the end of the carpeted lane with the objective of knocking down as many pins as possible with just 2 bowls. 


Comprises of an automated ball machine (so everyone gets the same machine bowler). Then there are the Game On Flashing Stumps  with interactive voice overs “HOWZAT” or “LB” or “WICKET” every time the stumps are knocked.  Included are the Flashing Bails, Flashing plastic Cricket Bat with motion activated sounds. The cricket balls used are soft stress balls or tennis balls dependant of the children’s ages. 


Derived from the classic game of darts, this child- friendly game allows your children to experience all the thrills of a real darts game without the danger of real metal pointy darts. Game On provides flat magnetic dart tips and a special Game On score board for your kids! There are over 25 chances to score points on the Game On score board.  

Aussie Rules Football - Handball

Just like your AFL hero’s your children will test their skills hand balling through the Game On Goal posts. There are 3 ball sizes available so that kids of all ages can have a go. 

Golf Chipping

Your children could be just like a Golf Pro, chip the Game On child friendly (Soft) golf balls onto the artificial turf to see who can  chip the most Game On golf balls inside the scoring ring. 

Golf Putting 

Who can get a hole in one? This Game On golf Putting Hole is 2 meters long and has a 30 degrees incline to the hole. The cup is regulation size and the Putting Clubs can be used for left and right handers, the challenge is on here for the kids as they try to score a hole in one. 


This classic game has to be part of the Game On challenge , children test their throwing arm and eye coordination, throwing the rubber hoops onto the hooks on the Game On Hoops board. How many  HOOPS will you finish with?  

Knock em-Down

Side show alley classic, the kids will love this, where 4 Game On plastic bottles are lined up on a shelf, see how many you can knock down to score! 


Game On knuckles is the ultimate fun ensuring nobody gets hurt. Slide on the Game On  knuckles protective gloves (Left or Right handed) , the kids test their opponents nerve and skill by stealth and reflexes.  

Naughts and Crosses

X & O’s – This will challenge your kid’s minds, our Game On O & X’s 1.5 metre square board is a fun way to engage your kids in strategizing. Who will get the 3 in a row first or will it be a Jacks Game (Tie)? 


Kids will need to use their hand eye coordination to toss their quoits and score on the Game On Quoit board. Extra fun and competition here. 


Your kids can be just like their soccer hero’s with our 2 x metre by 1 x metre soccer goals. How many goals will your kids score? 

Table Tennis

This fast moving and competitive game will keep your kids active and responsive.  

Props / Staging

GAME ON - Arena Not only will your kids love the games they will be in Game On mode when they enter the arena that is part of the Game On package and party hire. All the kids will enter the Arena under the Flashing Game On sign, the Arena will also have an impressive ring of fairy lights that will surround the games general area, everyone will know that it’s Game On Bring It!   

GAME ON - Podium – After the Game On challenge is complete the kids get to celebrate the winners around the podium where the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medals will be presented to the winners. Who will be the Game On Gold medallist?  

GAME ON - Medals – Just like your sporting or Olympic Hero’s the 3 winners of the Game On challenge will be awarded the Game On medals on top of the Podium ! These medals weigh in at 130 grams each and are exclusively made for Game On by one of our local Trophy suppliers.  

The medals are included in the package for the 3 Finalists  

 1st  Place The  GOLD medal.  

2nd  Place The  SILVER medal. 

3rd  Place The  BRONZE  medal. 

GAME ON – Party Invitations/Score Cards – Up to 30 invitations are included in the Game On package so there’s no need shop around for invites, imagine the excitement when your child’s school class friend realizes that your throwing a Game On Birthday Party. The Game On invitations even have score cards on the back so the kids can track all their individual scores as the compete in the Game On challenge. The Invitation / score cards are a great keep safe to remember the special occasion .  

GAME ON – Main Score Board – As the individual games scores are recorded on the Invitation Score cards the kids only need to transfer their score to the Game On Main Score Board after each challenge , this way at any point in the Game On challenge everyone can see who is leading the pack. 

Alternatively  for greater suspense all the invitation score cards can be handed in to the event holder (Mum or Dad) at the end of the Game On challenge and watch the excitement build as the scores are transferred to the main scoreboard to ultimately reveal the 3 finalists  GOLD , SILVER & BRONZE. 

Will there be an obvious winner or will it come down to the wire in the last game? Could there be a tie and a play off is needed?  

Who will be on top of the podium at the end of the Game On challenge to receive the GOLD , SILVER OR BRONZE  Game On Medals.